Monday, September 14, 2015

Ebay 20th Anniversary
The online market place celebrated its 20th anniversary at the San Jose Convention Center
I supplied three Jimmy Jibs for this three day event.
One 24' Jimmy Jib Triangle in the general session room,
one 18' Jimmy Jib III for the Party Room and,
one 9' Jimmy Jib Lite (which I actually purchased off Ebay over a year ago) that 
was used for the "Red Carpet" entrance into the party.
The events timing was structured perfectly so that I could go from one jib to the next 
and operate all three.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

This was a shoot for a Cisco Corporate event in Las Vegas.
The location is an old train station in Oakland CA.
Patrick Roth was on the Techno while I operated the Mo-Sys remote head.

Night of Hope
Joel Osteen at ATT Park.
I Supplied a 30' and a 40' jib for this event. 
Lynton Vandersteen of Vantage Point Pictures supplied a 40' jib as well.